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Your divorce file is a matter of public record!

spying desktop.jpgWere you aware that everything that you file in your divorce case is a matter of public record? Were you aware that your life is “an open book”, for anyone to read? Well, it is.

Every single pleading and all its contents is readily available for anyone to read, including your children. It is especially important to try to refrain from filing pleadings that contain scandalous material, which may very well come back “to haunt you” at some point in time in the future.

I recently came across an article dealing with another divorce for the actress we all know and love, Sandra Bullock. This was not her divorce however, but her father’s. The court pleadings that someone got their hands on contained less than flattering comments about the behavior of John Bullock, Sandra’s father.

The article, published on September 10, 2010 at, alleges the abuse his first wife (not Sandra’s mother) was subjected to at the hands of John Bullock.

We are all very aware of the recent high profile divorce of Sandra Bullock, and the gracious manner in which she conducted herself through those difficult times. She, as well as her child, will look back at some time in the future, and see the dignity in which her divorce proceedings were conducted.

Court records are permanent. They illustrate who you are. It is best to rise above the name calling, blame, and slanderous allegations. Look back upon that chapter of your life with integrity.

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