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Things to Consider When Selecting a Divorce Attorney

Often, a divorce may be the first encounter you have with the court system and legal process. You will likely not be familiar with the many laws in Florida that govern divorce and set out your rights and responsibilities during and after the dissolution of your marriage. For these reasons, you should always seek out assistance from a highly skilled and experienced Boca Raton divorce attorney who can ensure that your best interests are protected in your divorce.

Many individuals may not know where to begin in selecting a divorce attorney and how to make sure they make a quality choice. While you may be tempted to simply do a quick internet search and choose the first name, this may or may not be the right decision for you. Divorce is a sensitive legal matter that can have significant and long-lasting effects on your life, so you should always choose an attorney as carefully as you would choose a surgeon or other life-changing professional. The following are some things you may want to consider when you are deciding you will represent you throughout your divorce.

Do Your Friends Have Recommendations?

Asking friends or family members who have been divorced for attorney recommendations may be helpful. However, you should only seek advice from individuals whose divorce situation was similar to yours. For example, if a friend had no kids and no property, his or her legal needs are likely very different from a person who owns a home, has assets and investments, and/or has children. Every divorce is different, so take that into consideration when listening to recommendations.

Do You Get Along With the Lawyer?

In your first consultation, make note of the family law attorney’s likability, temperament, and whether you think they can relate to you. Divorce can be a long and emotional process and you want to be able to get along with and feel supported by the individual who is representing you.

Do They Listen to Your Goals?

Some individuals want to get a divorce finalized as quickly and efficiently as possible, while others are determined to obtain certain property or spousal support even if it takes more resources to do so. Find out whether the attorney has experience in handling divorces with your particular goals. Additionally, if you do not wish to battle it out in court, ask whether the lawyer regularly engages in alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation or collaborative divorce.

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