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Same Sex Marriages in Florida

Same sex marriages are still not authorized under Florida law, but the national trend is heading in that direction.

There are now 17 states in this country which authorize same sex marriages.

Oregon has most recently overturned the previously existing ban on same sex marriages. Arkansas is one state struggling with this issue. A circuit Judge in Pulaski County, Arkansas recently over turned the ban on same sex marriages in Arkansas, and he was promptly overruled by the state Supreme Court. There is an ongoing battle in that state to put an end to the ban against same sex marriages.

What does all this mean to South Florida residents? Currently residents of Florida are not impacted by the other state rulings, however, the current trend across the nation is clearly for the constitutionally protected right of same sex individuals to marry.

These changes that will be coming will most certainly create a whole new body of interesting case law for South Florida Divorce Attorneys.

If you are dealing with difficult family law issues or any other custody or visitation issue, experienced Florida family law attorney Alan R. Burton will help you stand up for your rights. He has over 30 years of experience and will fight for what is important to you. Do not hesitate to contact our offices in Boca Raton or Ft. Lauderdale for help today.

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