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Florida Man Denied Request to Marry his Computer

Several same-sex couples have been involved in both state and federal lawsuits in Florida challenging our state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. As of now, Florida does not recognize any form of gay marriage or domestic partnership, no matter where the marriage took place, and the state constitution defines “marriage” as solely between a man and a woman. One opponent of gay marriage has taken a peculiar action in an attempt to derail one of the lawsuits.
Florida resident Chris Sevier filed a motion in one same-sex marriage lawsuit, attempting to intervene as another type of sexual minority. Sevier did not want to marry another man–instead he requested to marry his Apple laptop computer.
Sevier’s motion states that he fell in love with the laptop after watching copious amounts of pornography on the machine. He claimed that since he prefers to have sex with his computer over anything–or anyone–else, he should be able to marry the computer. His attempt to secure a marriage license failed, however, and he filed the motion.
The motion argued that gay couples were considered a sexual minority, and that he is just another example of a sexual minority. Sevier argued that if homosexuals would be allowed to marry their chosen objects of desire, he should be able to marry his chosen object of desire, as well. Since Sevier openly opposes gay marriage, he is obviously trying to send a message to the courts by trying to foreshadow arguments that may arise should the constitutional amendment get overturned. It seems he is trying to warn the courts that if they allow gay marriage, Florida residents may try to marry anything–including inanimate objects or animals. Sevier mentions cases from foreign countries in which a man married a cardboard cutout and a woman allegedly married a dolphin.
Sevier was an attorney whose law license was taken away due to mental disability. He is attempting to intervene in a similar lawsuit in Utah, and has filed other bizarre lawsuits in the past. For example, he attempted to sue Apple for selling him the laptop without warning him about the evil nature of pornography he could watch on the computer. United States District Judge Robert Hinkle stated that whether this marriage motion was satirical or simply because Sevier is unhinged, the motion has “no place in this lawsuit.” Judge Hinkle therefore denied Sevier’s motion.
As the same-sex marriage debate continues in Florida, this is likely only the first of many attempts by opponents to make a statement against the cause.

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