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“Divorce Selfie” Trend Shows That Divorce Can Be Amicable

In recent months, a new trend related to divorce has been going viral on social media. Known as the “divorce selfie,” a photo will show couples together just after their divorce is finalized. Most couples who have posted these divorce selfies say that the photos are not intended to make light of divorce, but that they can serve many purposes to make post-divorce life easier.

First, if the divorced couple has kids and will share custody, these pictures demonstrate a united front and seem to indicate that the former spouses are willing to cooperate. Additionally, the photos can show family and friends that the couple is accepting of the dissolution of their marriage and still respect each other. This can make social interactions or events with mutual friends easier and less awkward in the future. While a divorce selfie will, of course, not solve all of the couple’s problems, it can represent a positive attitude toward the divorce process and moving on.

Cooperation Can Make the Divorce Process Easier

If a couple is willing to work together to come to mutually favorable agreements regarding the terms of their divorce, the marriage can often be dissolved in less time with less cost. Couples can reach agreements regarding division of property and debts, spousal support, child custody and parenting plans, and any other issues relevant to their particular divorce case. Once a court approves the terms of the agreement, the divorce can be finalized.

Some divorcing couples are not able to automatically cooperate on every issue. This does not mean that the divorce must be acrimonious, however. If a couple cannot agree on something, their attorneys can engage in negotiation or even use mediation to try to help the couple reach an agreement to avoid arguing the matter in court. Taking arguments to the courtroom can drag the process out significantly and can often drive up the expense of the divorce case.

While cooperation is always preferable for everyone involved in a divorce, there are cases in which this is simply not possible. In such situations, the family court will intervene and hear evidence in order to decide on the matter. If you believe your spouse will be adversarial during your divorce, it is important to seek representation from an attorney who can present arguments to the family court judge in the most efficient way possible while still striving for the best results for you and your children.

Contact a Qualified Boca Raton Family Law Attorney for Assistance

Spouses who are able and willing to cooperate throughout the divorce process often save time, money, and emotional energy. Even if you have some disagreements along the way, an experienced divorce lawyer can help you find solutions and can work to facilitate communication and negotiation whenever possible. Alan R. Burton is an experienced divorce and family law attorney in Boca Raton who seeks to obtain the most favorable and efficient outcome possible in your divorce case. Please call our office today at 954-229-1660 to find out how we can help you.

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