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Considering Divorce Around the Holidays?

The winter holidays have arrived and this time should be one of peace and celebration for your family. For spouses considering divorce, however, the holidays present many emotional issues, grave decisions, and other challenges. Despite having serious marital problems and wanting to end their marriage, many people choose to hold it together during the holidays for the sake of their children and other family members and to avoid “ruining” the holidays. This is one of the many reasons that reports indicate that the rate of divorce filings often spikes at the beginning of a new year.

Though spending the holidays on the brink of divorce is not fun for anyone, there are some things you can do to ease the tension and to make it easier once you do file, including the following:

Make an agreement — If your spouse is aware that you want a divorce and you have both agreed to wait until after the holidays, lay certain ground rules for making the most of the holidays with your kids and families, such as avoiding insults and fighting.

Schedule solo parenting time — Though many holiday traditions involve the entire family together, the next year after the divorce, there will be the need for new traditions with each parent on his or her own with the kids. Trying out a tradition solo with your children will not only work to pave the way for the next year but can also allow you and your spouse some needed time separate from one another.

Spend time preparing for the divorce — Divorce is complicated and, once you file, you can face many different tasks and requirements. If you know you are going to file, you can begin slowly gathering financial records, figuring out your family’s debts and expenses, looking for alternative housing arrangements, if needed, and more. If you are unsure of where to begin, seek out guidance from a divorce attorney. Even if you are not ready to file for a couple of months, a lawyer can advise you of potential issues that may arise, including child custody or property division, and steps you can take while you are waiting out the holidays. This can make the actual process easier once you do file for divorce.

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If you are thinking of pursuing a divorce around the holidays, you likely have a lot on your mind and are trying to preserve the joy of the season with your family. However, there is no harm in scheduling a free consultation with a highly experienced divorce lawyer to discuss your options and allow you to plan ahead. In many situations, having an initial meeting with an attorney can ease many of your concerns and fears as it can shed light on the divorce process and let you know that someone will be skillfully representing your rights and interests. Please call the law office of Alan R. Burton in Boca Raton today at 954-229-1660 for help.

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