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In a happy ending to a story that ends badly all too often, a Florida girl was reunited with her mother after being missing for more than 4 years. According to a report published by CNN, Cara Cox was 8 years old when she was taken by her father during a scheduled visit per a court-imposed custody order in August of 2009. While her mother, Jodie Borchert, had full custody, her father had weekend visitation rights. Her father was supposed to drop Cara off at a daycare in Volusia County, Florida, but instead vanished with his daughter. While Cara’s mother continued to hold out hope, authorities had no leads and the case went cold for nearly 5 years.

Bochert continued to search for her child, even employing the wide reach of social media by creating a Facebook page titled “Have you Seen Cara Cox?” On that page she shared several photos of Cara and Cara’s father, including sharing an age-progressed photo of what Cara may look like today on Mother’s Day of this year. The following day, a tip came in to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children indicating that Cara and her father were residing in a remote area in Hidalgo, Mexico, about two hours outside of Mexico City. A few days later, U.S. authorities went to the residence and arrested Cara’s father and extradited him to Florida. He will be returned to Volusia County, where the initial abduction took place, and federal authorities are exploring whether any federal criminal actions could also be filed.

Florida Visitation Arrangements

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The state of Florida and particularly South Florida, is a melting pot of many diverse individuals from all around the world.

Due to the great diversity of people, you frequently see many Americans marrying people from foreign countries. When these couples have children, divorce can bring about some serious issues regarding the stability of the minor children.

Divorce frequently creates a considerable amount of anger between the parents, and the minor children are often times used as pawns by the parents.

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